Is Baseball Card Collecting Worth It?

Whether you want to collect or invest, the baseball trading card market is in very good shape!

We wouldn’t have the sports cards of today if it weren’t for the rise of baseball cards sold alongside candy and tobacco products in the 1860s. Baseball card collecting looks a lot different now, but it’s still very popular among people of all ages.

So, is baseball card collecting worth it in 2024? We all have different interests and intents when collecting baseball cards (or any collectible, for that matter), so different people find value in different things. The art of collecting is that there’s something for everyone.

Let’s take a deeper look at the current state of the baseball card market, why collecting baseball cards is worth it, and how to start building a baseball card collection today!

The Current State of the Baseball Trading Card Market

Interest in collecting baseball cards was already rising before 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused the market to boom. This new wave of interest, along with the rise of online retailers and card breakers, led to renewed interest in a classic hobby.

While that surge has since cooled off, the baseball card market (and the sports card market in general) is still in much better shape today than it was before the pandemic. In fact, the sports trading card market was valued at $13.9 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $39.5 billion by 2027.

The interest is clearly there, but what makes baseball card collecting worth it in today’s economy? To some people, it’s nothing more than a hobby that they enjoy doing in their spare time. To others, it’s more of an investment.

The Hobby

When asking yourself if baseball card collecting is worth it, it’s important to remember that not everyone collects to make money. For those who consider it a hobby, the pure enjoyment of collecting baseball cards makes it worthwhile.

Here are some of the biggest reasons baseball card collecting makes a good hobby:

  • It’s nostalgic to those who grew up collecting baseball cards but stopped as they got older.
  • It’s a great way to show off your favorite players, teams, and love of the game.
  • You’ll connect with like-minded individuals and becoming a part of the hobby community.
  • The feeling you get when you open a pack with a big hit is enough to keep you engaged.
  • You can learn more about some of the legends that played the game more than a century ago.

While building a baseball card collection can be a profitable venture, some collectors feel the memories made throughout the process are worth more than the price tag on their collection.

The Investment

Investing in baseball cards can be profitable in both the short and long term. But like any other investment, there’s a level of risk that comes with building a high valued baseball card collection.

Here are some of the biggest reasons baseball card collecting makes a good investment opportunity:

  • Card values fluctuate based on a player’s performance, so buying an undervalued player’s prospect and rookie cards can pay off if they have a promising career.
  • You can buy sealed products in bulk or in cases and re-sell them at a higher price – this works in the short-term (if you buy it low enough) or long-term (if you’re okay with waiting it out).
  • In most cases, you can increase the value of a card by getting it graded by PSA, BGS, or SGC.
  • You can do box breaks online where you host a live video stream and people pay for the packs that you open. You’ll make money on the break and can also monetize the content.

Whether you’re flipping sealed product for a short-term gain or sitting on product for years for a long-term gain, there’s an art to turning your collection of baseball cards into an investment. Learning that art and studying industry trends go a long way in making the right decisions now for a more profitable future.

Tips to Help You Build an Impressive Baseball Card Collection

Whether you’re in it for the hobby, investment, or a combination of both, baseball card collecting can be a rewarding journey. If you’re trying to figure out where to start, we suggest finding a niche that aligns with your interests or passions.

To help you get your baseball card collection off to a great start, here are some of our most valuable tips for new collectors:

  • If you have a rare or valuable card in good condition, increase its value by getting it graded.
  • Vet sellers by reading reviews before you buy baseball cards online.
  • Maintain proper storage of your baseball cards to keep them protected and preserving their condition.
  • Organize your cards in a way that makes them easy to access.
  • Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true – they usually are!

Building an impressive collection takes time and resources, but you’ll get an extra jolt of excitement every time you welcome a new card to the family. Just make sure you protect each card individually by storing it in a safe location.

Is Baseball Card Collecting Worth It? Most Definitely!

Is baseball card collecting worth it? The answer is an easy ‘yes,’ but the route you take depends on what your interests or goals are. Start by building a strategy so you can buy baseball cards with confidence. And when you’re ready to add to that collection of yours, head over to our online store and see what we have to offer!