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AA Mint Cards is a state-of-the-art sports and trading card store that caters to all your hobby needs. Whether you want to buy, sell, grade, or trade, we offer a fun and friendly atmosphere to do so. In addition to our products on the retail floor, we also have private grading rooms and a mint green granite breaking bar for our customers.






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Welcome to our new premium retail location! We now offer a breaking bar, private grading rooms, interactive GRID with over 1,000 cards, a pack-filled vending machine, a 60-foot wax wall, and much more!

Over 2,400 square feet of cards!

Over 2,400 square feet of cards: The added space allowed us to turn our dream of creating a sports card destination into a reality.

Breaking bar

Breaking Bar: We’re all collectors at heart, so we love experiencing the thrill of ripping packs and celebrating when our customers hit something big.

Interactive GRID system

Interactive GRID system: Our patent pending GRID system allows us to display over 1,000 cards on the wall. By scanning the GRID’s QR code, customers have all the information they want — photos, population reports, and price — in the palm of their hand.

Live sports ticker:

Live Sports Ticker: The 36-foot live sports ticker continuously displays scores from NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL games.

Vending machine

Vending Machine: The vending machine holds 85 different packs and boxes, allowing customers to mix and match the products they want.

Bulk Bar

Bulk Bar: A space for customers to sit and browse our enormous selection of affordable graded sports and Pokémon cards.

Wax wall

Wax Wall: The 60-foot wax wall displays sealed box and cases. Each label has relevant product information like any guaranteed hits, total number of cards per box, and current price.

A Grand Purchase:

A Grand Purchase: Store owner Aaron Amarant helps a customer show off the slabs he bought at the AA Mint Cards grand opening.

Mint City Breaking Bar

Mint City Breaking Bar: Football and basketball products fill the wax wall and neon signs welcome you to the breaking bar.

Browsing the wax wall:

Browsing the wax wall: Pokémon collector Sofiamon checks out all the different Pokémon boxes in the wax wall.

Upcoming Releases

Upcoming Releases: Vertical TVs embedded within the wax wall showcase upcoming releases and allow customers to pre-order these products.

Showing off slabs:

Showing off slabs: A proud customer shows off the best graded cards in his case.

Marquelle the Pokémon expert:

Marquelle the Pokémon expert: Marquelle loves helping all of our AA Mint Cards customers!

Pulls from the breaking bar:

Pulls from the breaking bar: This young collector went home very happy. He pulled two purple pulsar prizms at the breaking bar, including a Jordan Addison autograph.

The calm before the storm:

The calm before the storm: This photo was snapped the night before the grand opening of the new AA Mint Cards.

Grand Opening

Grand Opening: A line stretched out the door all day with people eager to sign up for giveaways, try out the new vending machine, and rip products at the breaking bar.