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AA Mint Cards x 6.99% eBay Auction Program

AA Mint Cards offers consignment services that allow our customers to keep more money in their pockets!

All sports and trading cards graded by PSA, SGC, BGS, or CGC and valued at $250 or more qualify for this exclusive eBay auction program. Auctions run for 7 days on our eBay store for a low 6.99% fee. There are no additional fees or charges for shipping or insurance.

Submission Process and Qualifications

Are your sports or trading cards graded by PSA, SGC, BGS, or CGC? Does each card have a value of at least $250? If the answer to both questions is yes, your cards are eligible for this exclusive program!

Download and complete the auction submission form on the website. This includes filling out your name and contact information, as well as the details of the cards you want to submit for consignment. Then sign and date the terms and conditions page and provide your PayPal or Zelle information so we can pay you.

Once you’ve filled out the auction submission form, pack your cards securely and ship them to AA Mint Cards. To ensure your cards are protected during the shipping process, we recommend placing your cards in protective sleeves and stacking them between two pieces of cardboard. Tape the pieces of cardboard together and wrap each stack in bubble wrap. Then, place your cards in a box with shipping materials so that they don’t shift in the box during transit. Last, we suggest shipping your package with insurance to the address listed on the submission form.

When to Expect Auctions and Payment

AA Mint Cards list consignee auctions at least once per month. Each auction starts at $0.99 and runs for 7 days. Cards are sold to the highest bidder. AA Mint Cards automatically cancels any auctions that remain unpaid after 96 hours. Items cancelled because of buyer non-payment are immediately re-auctioned for 7 days.

AA Mint Cards makes payments on the 10th of the month for all auctions that are completed and paid within the prior calendar month. We send payments directly to your PayPal or Zelle account.

Consign Your Cards with AA Mint Cards Today!

Download your submission form here to submit your cards for AA Mint Cards’ 6.99% eBay auction program. Once the submission form is completed and signed, ship your cards to us.

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