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The Best Trading Card Store in Florida

AA Mint Cards’ modern layout helps set the store apart from other trading card and memorabilia stores. You’ll never find a dusty and overcrowded store here. We update our inventory of graded cards and sealed products daily, ensuring we have popular products in store for every customer that walks through the door.

Is Baseball Card Collecting Worth It?

Baseball card collecting looks a lot different now, but it’s still very popular among people of all ages. We wouldn’t have the sports cards of today if it weren’t...

Best Football Cards to Buy in 2024

There’s no shortage of football cards to buy with all the products under the Panini umbrella. If you’re new to collecting, start by picking out a few popular players...

Best Baseball Cards to Buy

Rookie cards are some of the best baseball cards to buy because they retain value over time. Learn more about the things to consider when buying baseball cards...

Sports Cards Collecting 101: Glossary of Terms

Whether you’re a new collector or returning to the hobby, all the acronyms and lingo can be difficult to understand. This glossary details some of the most common terms used in the sports and trading card hobby.

Topps House of Hobby – AA Mint Cards Store Tour

On this episode of House of Hobby, Topps heads to sunny South Florida to visit AA Mint Cards. The father/son owned hobby shop mixes a blend of traditional hospitality with cutting edge innovation...

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